When Byron challenged Mrs. Shelley to write a ghost story he little dreamed what a wild, barbaric tale she would evolve, a tale of horror and gruesomeness. Frankenstein, the hero of Mrs. Shelley's story, is a young student who gathered pieces of human bodies from graves and laboratories, and made of them a thing in human shape, which lived and moved, but lacked that which above all distinguishes man from the beasts- a soul. Needless to say, this monster was pitifully aware of its own awful difference from the rest of humanity. Meeting with aversion on every side, it craved for revenge on the author of its miserable being, and killed the student's brother, friend and bride. Frankenstein himself eluded it for a time, but was ultimately murdered in horrible fashion by the monster. Poor Frankenstein's fate is that of a man who uses his brains to construct some ingenious monstrosity that is contrary to nature, and which turns and rends its creator in punishment for his foolish pride.