Brutus was Czesar's friend, who yet led the conspiracy against Cassar's life. According to Mark Antony's generous tribute, Brutus was the noblest Roman of them all, but modem critics tend to set aside this judgment. They accuse him of being an intellectual prig, for ever preening himself upon his immaculate virtues. Having dispossessed Brutus of his proud reputation, the critics go on to exalt Caius Cassius, whom they describe as a very much abler man. They point out, moreover, that Cassius was right and Brutus wrong about the choice of Philippi as the site of the big battle against Mark Antony's forces, wherein both lost their lives. Be that as it may, Brutus is one of the most interesting of Shakespeare's creations, ranking second only to Hamlet in intellectual attainments. Many people, indeed, believe that in some respects Brutus and Hamlet were portrayals of Shakespeare's own mind. You will not need to be told that Brutus appears in the master-dramatist's great play " Julius Cssar."