There was a time doubtless, when men kept strictly the natural day, they rose at sunrise and crept into a place of safety at dusk. There are, however, records of very early use of artificial light. We know that the discovery of fire goes back into the days of prehistoric man and it would not be very long before the burning stick snatched from the fire became a torch and then there would be the desire to lengthen the duration of the flame, and so would come the discovery of a medium like the candle wick, which having access to fat as oil would continue to burn and give light. The silver candlestick is by no means the type of the earliest " stick " of wood or metal. In many museums and in some private collections can be seen wooden bosses

on which are early "sticks," the primitive spikes on which the early candles were placed. Candles were, of course, made in Eastern lands at an early date. There are records of their use in religious ceremonies almost as soon as in private dwellings.