This brings us to the wine cups and other forms of drinking vessels which were used before the days within reach of modern times, to the cups which are still found in such quantities in every silversmiths' shop. Those best known to " home connoisseurs " are the beautiful two-handled cups, after the manner of that made by Matthew Lofthouse, of London, 1710-1711, now in the Victoria and Albert Museum, illustrated in Figure 52. In Figure 12 there is shown a charming silver porringer and cover, a somewhat earlier piece being dated 1678, shown by the courtesy of the Goldsmith and Silversmiths' Company, Ltd. Between these little posset and candle cups and porringers there is much in common. They were used for the posset of curdled milk and similar drinks so popular a century or more ago. In Hone's Every Day Book we are told : " The posset, at bed-time, closed the joyous day-a custom to which Shakespeare occasionally alluded." Falstaff exclaims : " Thou shalt eat a posset to-night at my house."