The stores of royal plate contain complete services of gold and silver, besides many beautiful gems of rare workmanship and design. The plate chests of royalty, however, contain vast masses of table appointments enough for large entertainments and many guests. The difference in an examination of such stores and of an inspection of such an array when displayed in conjunction with other suitable table decorations is very marked. The value of appropriate display is as important for the proper appreciation of the gold plate of the royal House of Windsor as it is for the modest table appointments of the " home connoisseur." When the President of Brazil attended a banquet given in his honour by His Majesty the King at Buckingham Palace soon after the close of the Great War, 1914-1919, the historic service of gold plate, about which so much has been written, was brought up from Windsor for the occasion, some of it was displayed upon buffets and the remainder was in use upon the dining table. According to an account of the function in the Daily Telegraph, " great electroliers supplied the principal lighting of the room. The general scheme of decoration was white and gold, the carpet and upholstery were crimson, and a vivid dash of colour was supplied by the uniforms of veterans of His Majesty's bodyguard of Yeoman of the Guard." Such surroundings add to the lustre of plate and in a more modest way the value of tasteful display and suitable surroundings cannot be over-estimated.