(Left) Karflkeya (the War God) (Right) Surya (the Sun God)

CURIOUSLY FASHIONED HINDU DEITIES These figures, typical of the mysticism of the East, are worshipped as symbols of the forces of destruction and preservation.of the truth of Buddha's teaching that he sent missionaries to spread this gospel all over India, and even established a Ministry of Religion to see that the creed remained uncon-tammated by false doctrines. His care extended to the body as well as to the soul. Under his encouragement wells were dug and trees planted, and medical treatment provided for men and animals. Later, however, when the Brahmins regained their old powers, Buddhism found a new home in China, where it became the most popular of all religions.

China had been occupied in the third millennium B.C. by a yellow race called the Mongols, but its history is obscure for thousands of years. The land was nominally under the rule of a central monarchy, but actually was split up into numerous independent states which were constantly at war with each other. The first great name we meet with is that of Confucius (551-478 B.C.), a sage who laid no claim to any divine inspiration, but tried to teach men how to live together in society. He taught the golden rule that one should do as one would be done by. His remedy for the troubles of the country was to find a model ruler who would guide the people according to the ancient ways.