_Planting for immediate effect,

The use of "foliage" trees and shrubs,

Windbreaks and screens,

The making of hedges,

The borders,

The flower-beds,

Aquatic and bog plants,

Rockeries and alpine plants;_

and then it runs into nine sub-chapters, as follows:--

  1. Plants for carpet-beds, p. 234;
  2. The annual plants, p. 241;
  3. Hardy herbaceous perennials, p. 260;
  4. Bulbs and tubers, p. 281;
  5. The shrubbery, p. 290;
  6. Climbing plants, p. 307;
  7. Trees for lawns and streets, p. 319;
  8. Coniferous evergreen trees and shrubs, p. 331;
  9. Window-gardens, p. 336.

And then, in Chapter VIII, the particular cultures of plants needing special care are briefly discussed.