Create Human Interfaces
for the Internet of Things

Bring your own infrastructure.
We bring scalable app development & distribution to the IoT.

ThingStudio works will all major IoT cloud platforms, or your own hosted systems.

Control Your World (and Your Data) in Real Time

Web developers and hardware makers will feel right at home


HTML ‹–› IoT

If you can write HTML you can control the Internet of Things. It's that simple.


Your data is your data

You control data transport. We never touch or see your data. Ever.


Fast. Like, faaaaast

Sub-second communications with your entire fleet of IoT devices.


Dynamic, real time UIs

Real life happens in real time. ThingStudio provides the user interfaces to keep up.

Simple Pricing

From 'duinos & Pi's to massive process control, we've got a plan for everyone.

Makers, Hackers & Designers
Free. $0. Create great mobile UI's for the Internet of Things and connected devices. Hacker love.
Hardware Product Designers
Get to market much more quickly and cheaply than building native apps and trying to get AppStore approval.
Industry & Corporate
Get more control and insight into your business and plant than you ever thought possible with sensible pricing.
Frequently Asked Questions
Who is this for?

Beginners and Experts. For beginners, we're making it easy to build basic IoT applications. And we've got lots of documentation and instructional material to help you along the way. Experts will feel right at home with all the power of Meteor JS and HTML5.

Free? Really?

For non-commercial use, it really is free. For commercial use, prices will be reasonable. Dig in and get busy!

How can I get started?

To get started, simply setup your device to publish JSON messages on a topic, create a connection between your device and ThingStudio via MQTT (we even provide a free MQTT desktop broker to get you started), and create a simple HTML template to publish your data to the web or an app in real time.

Have any other questions?

Feel free to get in touch! If we've missed anything or you just want to say "Hi", shoot us an email at

Get started creating connected apps for the Internet of Things today.

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