The Cabinet of Curiosities, to paraphrase another well know compendium, contains many items that just seemed to the editors to be 'a good idea at the time'. These include items that are inaccurate, out of date or downright misleading. If, gentle reader, you come here seeking factual, contemporary articles on current fashions and developments, turn away now, for disappointment must surely follow.

However, in this collection, I have endeavored to bring back into circulation, or create, items that bring some new view on the world today, or the world as it was, or at the very least, entertain. So, please feel free to peruse as much or as little as you fancy, and to provide comment or correction to any piece you feel needs it.


Who Was?
History of Music
Manual of Gardening
History of Mankind
Seeing Europe - England
Seeing Europe - France
Silver, Pewter and Sheffield Plate